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Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 10)

Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris I actually had to push myself to finish this one. As an avid reader of Charlaine Harris that shocked me. Though, same as the book before this, nothing really happened. It just seemed like a bunch of minor plot points summed up in a rushed ending that made me think, "Did she really just do that?" Even the writing seemed different. It seemed that every time Sookie talked to Sam we were reminded that only the first born in an all shifter family would carry the shifter gene, and when she talked about Claudine we were reminded everything about her and what happened. I feel that the constant reminding of information is a little insulting. Being reminded once was awesome because it has been months since i read a book in the series but when you are halfway through the book and read the same sentences four times it got a bit much. Still I will continue reading and would recommend this series to any vampire lover.