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These Broken Stars

These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner Since I read an ARC of this book, I don't want to give a review that will give out even small hints of spoilers. So I'll just say that I fell in love with Tarver in the beginning and it took me a little while to like Lilac but she did grow on me when she pulled the stick out of her rear end :). The dual POV's worked out beautifully and I feel like I got a well rounded view of both characters. The way their personalities shifted and changed as the book went on was on point and mostly believable. I only have one small issue with how their relationship progressed in the end but I won't go into detail yet because spoilers. All in all, it was a great read, very well written. Given the circumstance of about 90% of the book, there was room for the pacing to drop and get boring and dull but Amie and Meagan did a great job of keeping the ball moving and the pacing wound up being smoother than a babies bottom. Coming here to write a review, I noticed that this is the first book in a series which shocked me given this book was so well wrapped up. I'm curious to see what Amie and Meagan have up their sleeves for the next installment.